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Why You Need to Boost Your Facebook Posts

Why You Need to Boost Your Facebook Posts

Hey, Brian Freeman with Bill Media, and today I wanted to go over Facebook with you. If you use Facebook at all for putting posts out on a weekly basis or daily basis, wherever it may be, make sure that you are boosting those posts. What’s happened is the organic reach on Facebook has basically gone to almost nothing, so 7% or less. If you say you have a thousand people that already like your page, when you put a post out, 7% or less of those people are actually seeing the posts that you put out. But if you put a little bit of money behind that and you boost that post, maybe even a couple dollars a day, you’re going to see a way bigger reach as far as any engagement on that post is going to be much higher, which will bring you more business.

That’s a super, super simple thing that you can do to make sure that the people that actually like your page are seeing what you’re putting out there and you have the option, too, to target the people that like your page when you do boost the post, and you can also target them plus their friends, so that network of people that are connected to you will actually be seeing what your business is doing.

Okay, I hope that helps. Thanks for your time and have an excellent rest of your day.

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